Each company’s needs are unique. 

This why HR Solutions is different from our competitors. We offer personalized HR support.

This should be about what your goals are and what you need.


  • Collaborative Culture: Transition from a “Me” to a “We” Culture
  • Communication: How to get employees and leaders to talk the same language
  • Using Core Values Every day to Gain Understanding
  • Deming Management Method – Red Bead Experiment
  • Optimization of the System with Leaders and Employees
  • Connection – Fostering relationships and building trust
  • New to Leadership Development
  • Legally Required Trainings – Harassment
  • Culture Transitions and Transformations
  • Mergers and Acquitisons
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Development


  • Core Values, Vision Statements, Purpose
  • Workflow Charts / Process Mapping
  • System Charting
  • Project Priorities / Project Management / Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Process
  • Control Charts
  • Employee Engagement Options / Surveys
  • Leadership Training
  • Legal and Compliance Audit
  • Compensation Analysis and Recommendations / Salary Bands
  • Benefits Analysis and Recommendations / Broker Support
  • Talent Assessment / Talent Development Plans / Succession Planning
  • Employee Engagement / Surveys / Culture Assessment
  • Job Descriptions Review, Updating and Writing
  • New Hire Processes
  • Termination Processes
  • Benefit Compliance – 5500 Requirement, Affordable Care Act, Medicare Notices, FMLA, Disability Insurance, Worker Compensation
  • Sexual Harassment Policy and Training
  • Health and Safety Posting Requirements
  • Retirement Plan Compliance
  • Payroll System Review
  • Employment Document Process / Recordkeeping
  • Recruitment Strategy / Diversity Compliance
  • Facility Assessment / Safety / Federal and State Requirements
  • Handbook and Policies
  • Notices to Employees
  • Code of Conduct / Non-Compete Agreements
  • Bullying in the Workplace
  • Confidentiality / Protection of Private Employee Information / Cybersecurity
  • Legal Review with Attorneys, if needed
  • Hiring Strategies / Talent Analysis
  • Performance Management History

how Gina works…

Once you or a team member contacts Gina, she will set up a time for an one hour phone call, virtual meeting or in-person meeting – depends on the location of your business. She will ask you a lot of questions about the state of your current company. Where you have been and where you want to go. All information that you share will be kept in strict confidence. Gina works with several companies in the same industries and she will not reveal any information that could compromise your relationship or others. She will ask you to describe the challenges of your organization and you personally. She will also ask what is going well. She will ask you what you believe the possible solutions could be and what the ideal outcome would be.

She will answer any questions about the services that you have questions about. If both parties agree that it could be a potential fit, Gina will make a plan for a follow up call to talk about her assessment of how she or her partners could help. She will provide you with a couple of options for next steps. Typically clients sign a one year agreement with the option to renew annually. The contract options and the length depend on the level of expertise needed and type of work requested. The commitment is on both ends.

If she believes she is unable to help, she may make recommendations for other companies or consultants to be contacted. This will not happen without your prior consent.

If you choose to engage with Gina, listed below are some possible next steps. Do not worry if you do not have the documents, this may be the reason you need assistance. Plus, not all documents will need to be provided because it depends on your needs and what you need Gina to do. The list below is to give you an overview of possible places to start.

Gina is described as:

Client Quotes

“Gina is my secret weapon”

Manager promoted to Director of Supply Chain

“Gina is thorough and I understand what needs to be done without feeling incompetent. She removed the guesswork. I like my job a lot now.”

HR Coordinator promoted to HR Generalist

“Gina listened to my concerns and I feel better now. I understand things from a different perspective.”

15 year Employee

“I worked an additional five years before retirement because work became fun again. Gina provided tools and facilitated a change in the culture.”

Vice President of Operations promoted to Chief Operations Officer

“I cried through my first two meetings with Gina. Our culture was very toxic. Gina said things could change if we could let go of the past and do things differently. I am enjoying work again.”

Senior Manager promoted to Department Head promoted to Assistant Vice President promoted to Vice President

ready to start a new path?