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We support the following HR areas:
  • Compliance with Employment Laws and Regulations
  • Compensation and Benefits Management
  • Training – Employee and Management
  • Talent Development
  • Coaching for Leadership
  • Communication between Management and Employees
  • Record-keeping and Documentation
  • Culture and Employee Relations
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding
  • Succession Planning and Retirement Transitions
  • Employee and Management Counseling 
  • Remote/Hybrid/On-site Guidelines
We can enhance HR by providing:
  • Standardized policies, such as an Employee Handbook
  • Processes for hiring and separations to minimize liability
  • Writing job descriptions so employees better understand their role/fit in the organization
  • HR strategic advice to meet short and long term company goals
  • A voice that represents the HR from a leadership and employee perspective
  • An independent assessment for workplace investigations
  • Finding resources such as benefit and retirement brokers, benefit providers and legal advice that are best in class
  • Strategies to attract diverse talent to your organization

A trusted resource that you can count on

Gina has been working in business for 25 years. She has spent the last 20 years in Human Resources. She has the experience to provide you with the support you can count on. All decisions are yours to make. Gina provides insights and experience to help you make better decisions.

Why the need for HR Support?

Full-time human resources support is usually a necessity once a business reaches 75 – 100 employees. Yet, there are HR needs that are needed prior to that point. At 15 employees, the Americans with Disabilities Act has requirements of employers. At 50 employees, employers are required to provide Family Medical Leave Act benefits which requires notices to employees within 3 days of an illness for themselves or a family member. There are a number of state requirements that have requirements for employers with  2-4 employees. The regulations change frequently and keeping these requirements top of mind with processes are usually one of the last things that a company leader wants to do.

Many companies often disperse the HR responsibilities among several individuals over time as the organization grows yet most of those same people have full-time responsibilities in other areas. HR is usually not their expertise.

CEOs and managers want personalized HR support to answer questions around HR issues so they do not have guess. They can focus on their work and know that the HR function is being covered, and the advice provided is in the company’s best interest.

HR Expertise to Support and Develop HR staff

In addition, there are organizations with full-time HR staff that need higher level help. They may not have the experience to provide high level HR strategy advice to the leadership team when it comes to benefits, succession planning, strategic planning or the coaching skills to help a leader with a difficult employment situation. 

HR Representation for Transitions or Gaps

Sometimes there is a gap in employment where a HR Executive/Professional is on leave and the role needs a temporary backfill so that the department can continue to provide support to the organization.

our guiding principles: thinking differently 


Everything is connected – recognizing that no operation is in a silo and that decisions have impact on other areas of work and people. Seeking to collaborate with all aspects of the business and understand potential impacts is a cornerstone to this principle.  We value the interconnectedness and seek to work with it not against it. We value every part of the system – our suppliers, customers, employees, leaders, and our community.   Example:  A sales person secures a first order from a promising new prospective customer.  Would that sales person promise delivery of product on a certain date without knowing if operations can deliver on that date?

Understanding Variation

Data is more than numbers – a number is not just a number.  People are more than numbers. We seek to look deeper and ask better questions to better understand the bigger picture and understanding that variation is in everything.  Example: Worker A processes 50 applications average a day and rarely takes customer calls. Worker B processes 25 applications a day, takes multiple customer calls a day and is frequently asked to train new agents. Which worker is more valuable to the organization? 

Business is prediction

All decisions and goals are predictions of where we would like our companies and ourselves to end up.  We seek knowledge and understanding to make better predictions.  We test ideas and theories to make better predictions.  Example: When we hire a person, we are making a prediction that they will be good fit for the role and the organization.  The person’s success is a guess not a known outcome. How do we make better hiring predictions?


Understanding human behaviors helps leaders lead better. We value people and we seek to make life better for the people we support.  Example:  People are born with the intrinsic need to belong and be part of something successful. Leaders can tap into intrinsic motivation of employees by asking their opinion about the work they do, what tools they need to do it better, and how the company could be improved.

These values are based on the Deming Leadership Philosophy by Dr W Edwards Deming.   For more information, visit

It would be better if everyone would work together as a system, with the aim for everybody to win.

– Dr. W. Edwards Deming